New York Bodyguard, Bodyguards NYC, Executive Protection

Confidentiality, Discretion and Integrity.

Blackwater can tailor its service to meet client’s specific requirements and caters for high and low profile security as the situation demands. Our bodyguards generally adopt a low profile approach to their work and can be relied upon to provide a discreet, bespoke security services. 

The New York Bodyguard program is intended for individual protection. Body guards are in NYC principally charged in providing individual protection, but also serve as administrative confidants to the protected. New York Bodyguards compliment the VIP's already present staff and ensure that his or her daily schedule is met and executed smoothly, transportation and all other requirements. Most of these individuals possess military or law enforcement background.

For special situations, bodyguards advance teams are formed and made available to draw up security plans, coordinate and conduct electronic and environmental surveys, sweeps, select important local sites and evacuation routes, and hold briefings with all staff to alert and apprise them of special problems during the protection period.

Bodyguard services in New York are used for the following details: