Security Concierge/Doorman/Receptionist

Our Cross-trained personnel perform functions of a security officer and a concierge.

Consider having all who enter your building greeted not only by a friendly, informative, and helpful doorman or concierge representative, but rather one also trained to handle security issues.

Do you need a doorman or concierge service, as well as security? Our NYC security guards double as reception personnel, providing both services at once.

This doubling-up provides an attractive alternative to clients who choose to reduce costs and focus their primary energies on running their core business functions.

Increasingly, many businesses have elected to outsource non-core functions to qualified strategic partners. By outsourcing your security services to Blackwater Security Company, you are transferring the risks and costs associated with managing a security force to a company that has your back.

Our guards can be in standard security uniforms, suit and tie or undercover, depending on your specific needs. As such, our guards are trained in acting the part, whether their role is known or secret.

The all-in-one solution will benefit your building's reputation as well as provide peace of mind to everyone crossing its entrance's threshold.